Fees of Publication

Fees of Publication

  • Thi Qar Arts  journal is an academic, periodical and self-financed journal that provides free access to all published researches, depending on OJS system. In these journals, many researchers pay the fees of publications to become available for all readers and to increase the impact of their works. The publication fees in this journal include checking plagiarism and the preparation of the final page.


 Publication Frequency

Thi Qar Arts  journal publishes 4 issues in a year

  • The fees for the research publication are subject to ministerial controls and according to the scholarly rank; assistant lecturer and lecturer (40000 IQD), Assistant professor (60000 IQD), professor (750000 IQD), and for the Arab researchers (120000 IQD) for all scholarly ranks.

  • Free publication for the researchers of crisis countries such as: "Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan.Yemen, Palestine