Aims and Scope

  1. Developing knowledge and اHumanities, and complying with the constants and methods used in scientific research methodology

    The journal's Goals:

    Dissemination of Humanities and academic research exclusively.

    Providing and mass-communication students with scientific expertise by teaching them how to use  theories in research, especially postgraduate students  .

  2. Communication and openness with scientific bodies and institutions inside and outside Iraq, to create interaction interest and benefit out of mutual experiences.

    The journal is aimed to be an effective tool to spread culture, in general, and communicative culture, in particular. This is a general goal in which the journal goes beyond its limited academic objectives to broader goals.

    The journal is a documentary record and a Humanes and scientific reference disseminating new values and knowledge which researchers rely on.

    The Journal's Main Message:

    Dissemination of academic knowledge in the fields of Humanities

    and communication for the sake of contributing to changing the reality of the Arab society, by means of authentic academic scientific approaches and critical intellectual approache