Brief Introduction about the Journal

The current era constitutes an important turning point in the march of Thi-Qar Arts' Journal. The journal attracted senior researchers in the field of humanities, who shared writing in it or supervising its scientific career through their being in its consultant body. This body extended its services to include different international universities. The scientific proliferation parallels quality in published researches and aesthetic in typesetting, printing and directing. In addition, the editorial board sought to issue an official annual letter that distinguishes the researches that have innovation, quality and keeping up with current issues.  The editorial board is trying to attract the specialized themes to write in and encourage the researchers to keep up the modernity and understand its developments. This would not have happened without the support of the Faculty of arts.

Recently, the deanship of the Faculty of Arts, represented by its dean Prof. Dr. Haithem Abbas Salim, sought to make the journal an impact factor. The first step was developing the website of the journal and publishing in it. In October 2020, the electronic number (DOI) of the journal was added. Work is underway to complete the requirements to make the journal one of the approved journals in the impact factor field. We hope that this will be achieved in the near future.