Histrionic behavior for the Students of the College of Education for Humanities

  • م. د. نادية تعبان محمد المديرية العامة لتربية بغداد/ الرصافة


This research aims at identifying:

1- Histrionic behavior for the students of college of education for humanities.

2- Differences among them depending on gender variable (male/ female). 

     The present research limits at studying the histrionic behavior for the students of the college of education for humanities according to gender variable (male / female).

     Regarding the theoretical framework of the research, the researcher presented the theories that dealt with the research variables by analysis, interpretation and previous studies. In order to achieve research aims, the researcher built and applied the scale of the histrionic behavior. Furthermore, the scale paragraphs were formulated positively and negatively. The students answered it by choosing one of the fourth alternatives (I agree, I strongly agree, I reject, I strongly reject) found in front of each paragraph.   The sample totaled 80 students (male/ female) from the university of Thi-Qar. The number of the paragraphs are 43. Conclusions referred that there is a histrionic behavior found in college students.

     According to the achieved conclusion, the researcher has arrived at some recommendations:

  Preparing guidance programs under the supervision of specialists in order to help students who has the manifestations of the histrionic behavior.

        Teachers should treat children with tenderness, kindness and taking care of them psychologically and scientifically


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