ترجمة معاني القران الكريم التاريخ والإشكاليات

  • ا.م. د. مؤيد بدري منهي السهلاني كلية العلوم الاسلامية/جامعة ذي قار


    Our research deals with some of the similarities that you want to undermine Islam through loopholes created by some translators with ideological motives hostile to the Islamic religion. There are false or malicious translations in which the noble text is translated and gives a meaning other than that in the Arabic text.

For example, but not limited to the literal translation of the Noble Quran, which means: to translate the systems of the Quran in another language that simulates it word for word, so that the vocabulary of the translation  replaces its vocabulary, and its style replaces its style, and this is not possible for the Book of God Almighty, because the Quran was revealed for two basic purposes:

The first is that it is a sign indicating the truthfulness of the Prophet , may God s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, in what he communicates to him about his Lord, and that by being miraculous to huma ns by his eloquence and manner, they will not be able to do something similar even if mankind and the jinn meet on that.

The second is that it is a guide for people to what is their happiness in the two worlds, where judgments and instructions are drawn from it. Specialists believe that in order for translation to be successful and beneficial, it must have a translator who has full validity in terms of linguistic and technical terms, including mastery of the two languages - the translator from it and the translator to it.

The translator must know the things that he should be familiar with, such as knowledge of the methods of discourse and images of rhetoric in the language from which he is translating into another language, so that he does not stop at the appearance of the word without knowing what it indicates.

It is noticeable that many orientalists are ignorant of the rhetorical images and methods used in discourse among the Arabs, and this clearly affected their translations of the meanings of the Quran .


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