The prevailing psychological values in the modern Iraqi poetry / Hussein Mardan model

  • م.د. بيداء عبد الصاحب عنبر الطائي


This study dealt with the subject of values in the poetry of Hussein Mardan from a psychological perspective, and explained the tendency of the poet to adhere to some of the values he wanted to remedy most of them, perhaps the most prominent narcissism and bohemianism; Vasal some of the techniques in response to his experience of poetry in a linguistic interface embraced those methods to express his feelings, Benefiting from a variety of sources, most notably his extensive culture and knowledge.

Despite the status of Hussein Mardan in the map of modern Iraqi poetry, the poet did not take his entitlement to the life he was living, and was looking for his own world in his poetry experience, and remained unfair after his death; his poetry did not address the critics, except those who Gailoh Such as Ali Jawad al-Tahir and Abdul-Radha Ali and others, and even these studies did not address the values that characterized the psychological perspective, there was no comprehensive research shows the reasons and psychological motives that led him to adhere to the values that characterized it; so I went to stand on this subject and study to reveal Psychological reasons NH behind it based on the months of psychological and philosophical theories that explain the values of various forms.

The psychological values in the poetry of Hussein Mardan appear in most of his poetry, and this will be clarified through the study of the four studies, the first topic, which was entitled (values and their behavioral components) in anticipation of the most important psychological studies that dealt with the concept of values, and the second study, The third topic (intellectual and cultural references) was the most important sources that nourished his thinking, which had the greatest influence in guiding his intellectual paths. The last topic was applied. We applied the psychological values that were discussed Haa in the first section, on his poems, Kalnrjsuh and bohemian, frustration, and others. The researcher took the analytical approach in this study to uncover the most important aspects of her research followed by a conclusion in which the most prominent findings and visions.


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