Unification and its educational importance

  • م.م حيدر بريج حسين القره غولي المديرية العامة لتربية ذي قار


           Praise be to God who guided Muslims with the Qur’an and blessed them with Islam, and blessings and peace be upon the best of people Muhammad and his honorable family and companions. , but after.

          Monotheism is one of the foundations of the Islamic creed, and the most important thing that God Almighty has commanded, and for its sake God sent messengers and prophets, peace be upon them, and for His revelation to people, the divine books were revealed, and it is the greatest of what God Almighty has enjoined upon His servants, as it is the main source of human education, in a correct and comprehensive education. Because it revolves in its supreme goal to reach the human being to the highest levels of human sophistication and perfection, and it is the motivation for the enjoyment of all good, and the guide for a person's freedom from all the vices of morality, it is he who makes it easier for a person to leave the evils and do good deeds. In addition, it is the first of the foundations of Islam, but rather the deepest Islamic origin; Because all the fundamentals of Islam are based on it, and to it ends the principles of education and teaching in Islam, so the starting monotheism must be the basis for every educational preparation process aimed at promoting man.

            Monotheism is one of the most prominent characteristics of the Islamic religion, as it is the first rule and the basis for every heavenly religion, as it is a common origin among all the divine religions, all of them are based on the oneness of the Creator, glory be to Him, but some deviations of religions distorted this origin, and the Islamic religion remained the only religion Who preserved the essence of this original, and there is no evidence of the educational importance of monotheism, that all the Qur’anic surahs, both Meccan and Medinan, are either calling for it or including it, and based on this great importance of monotheism, the idea of ​​this research emerged and formed a topic, under the title (Educational Evidence For monotheism), and this research may consist of two requirements, which dealt with the first requirement: Defining the concepts of the study: (educational, monotheism), while the second requirement was discussed about the educational effects of monotheism, and the research included a conclusion, which included the most important results of the research In conclusion, a list of sources and references.


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