Representations of the past in the poetry of Khuzayl Al-Majid.




representations, mythology, literary figures, Khaz’al Al-Majidi.


     The study focuses on how the poet Khaz’al Al-Majidi invokes history and represents it in his poetic texts. Mythology was one of the most important topics that took up a large space in his poetry, using it to indicate present-day events. He used it in the form of symbols that the poet employed appropriately. Other representations include his invocation of Arab and Western literary figures (Abu Al-Ala Al-Maari and Al-Mutanabbi), (Arthur Rimbaud and Eliot). Through these poets, the poet draws inspiration from the similarities between the past and the reality of the age and its circumstances, whether negative or positive. Their inclusion also helped to enrich the text and illuminate its dark corners.


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