The utilization of heritage in the poetry of Hazem Rashk Al-Tamimi



employment, heritage, poetry, Hazem Rishk.


     The use of heritage by the poet Hazem Rashk Al-Tamimi. Heritage is an ancient legacy that consists of words, vocabulary, meanings, or quotations from the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s Hadith. The poet employs it in a way that appeals to the recipient. Hazem Rashk Al-Tamimi employed heritage from a religious perspective and from a social aspect, as well as what the Iraqi people have gone through in terms of disasters, crises, and successive wars that have deprived the people of security and peace. This is done through his use of inherited words, employing symbols and myths, and using symbols in many of his poems.


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Aliwi, Ass.Lecture Ramla Abdul Hussein. 2023. “The Utilization of Heritage in the Poetry of Hazem Rashk Al-Tamimi”. Thi Qar Arts Journal 2 (42). Huminites:139-58.