Land use problems for transportation on the old road Between the cities of Hit and Ramadi

  • Prof. Dr. Mazin Abdel Rahman gumaa University of Anbar / Center for Strategic Studies
Keywords: problems, vehicles, road, traffic accidents


The use of transportation and traffic is the basic element for the growth and development of human activities for its active role in the development of economic, social and political functions and the achievement of development. In this research, transportation problems were studied, most notably the problem of congestion and traffic accidents on the Heat-Grayy road, in order to find the appropriate solutions. The results of the study showed that land uses for transportation, that vital element responsible for the flow of movement, transport and traffic, are related to a number of problems. The most important of these problems was the transportation means used, as well as the path of movement (the road), which results in traffic accidents that lead to loss of life in many cases. Another problem is visual pollution and its impact on social, environmental and economic aspects. In addition to the poor infrastructure, such as the one-lane road. All of these dilemmas and others require identifying the most important solutions and proposals for them, based on the opinions of a sample of the population. The method of data collection consisted of distributing a questionnaire form to conduct a statistical study to identify those problems, which were discussed to reach the


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