Probability according to Ibn Ya'ish in his explanation of Al-Mufassal.




Probability, Weighing, Ibn Yaish, Al-Mufassal, Probabilistic Semantics.


This research is an attempt to trace the probabilities presented by Ibn Yaish, but it is an investigation that differs from the concept of multiple probabilities, which means multiple grammatical and semantic aspects and an attempt to weigh between them. Rather, it has another form by mentioning the grammatical, morphological or phonetic issue - even sometimes reaching the grammatical witness - and then placing a graduation, or a new direction under the name of probability once, and with a synonymous word another time. And often this probability is his personal opinion, which he wanted to present without disclosing it publicly, and it can be justified from the point that he does not want to deviate from the doctrine of his school and its opinions.

The researcher follows Ibn Yaish and puts forth the possibility that he wanted through this method to give a new or different grammatical opinion from his school, but in an indirect way without revealing his intention, or perhaps he was hesitant in this opinion, and the evidence is that he does not often look or expand in analyzing and directing his probabilities until he reaches the correctness of his statement.

In order to formulate the research material, a plan was put in place consisting of three demands after an introduction entitled (Grammatical Probability: Foundation and Use), where I showed the foundation for grammatical probability in its usual form and the difference I found with Ibn Yaish, followed by the first demand for probability in grammatical issues, and the second demand for probability in morphological issues, and the third demand for probability in directing Quranic and poetic evidence, and then a conclusion with the most important findings of the research.

Ibn Yaish's approach in all his issues was to narrate the issue and then mention what was said about it from sayings and arguments in order to direct it grammatically, and then he presents his probability or personal opinion under this title. When he finishes mentioning the grammatical aspects, he issues a judgment by preferring one of them by probability. And this - grammatical probability - is not new or made by Ibn Yaish, as grammatical probabilities abound in most grammatical books, but the difference is that he limits probability to his opinion alone without mentioning others' probabilities.


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