The position of Abu Hayyan Al-Andalusi on the opinions of Sibawayh in the interpretation of the Oceanic Sea




The Quran of Grammar, the sharp transition and the counter transformation, and Sibawayh is the prominent Imam, who is victorious and defends him, the issue of the name of the active agent.


Known for Abu Hayyan passion and love for Sibawayh and his faith in his opinions, he was not satisfied with his mistake or appeal to him, we find him despite his love for Ibn Taymiyyah has turned in his position against him as soon as Ibn Taymiyyah dared to Sibawayh and accused him of error, all this was a motive to reveal the path taken by Abu Hayyan in his fight scientific issues in the interpretation of the ocean sea given the views of Sibawayh, and then studied the research his position on it and between his pride of his opinion and distinguish it from other opinions of scientists, and revealed On the extent to which he relied on it and sufficiency in directing issues, and his use in response to others, as he explained that he was following what is quoted from Sibawayh, followed by correction and clarification, so as not to leave it on his neighbor, and also indicated that he was a fierce defender of him and victorious for him, and does not leave martyrdom and domestication with his opinion and his choice of him.

Despite that, the search revealed a different trend from the above, as Sibawayh violated in many places, but may even be reminded of it sometimes or ignore his mention in front of others, and perhaps all this is expressed as (subordination to the right and subordination to the evidence).


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