Migrations of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), the Friend of Allah, in the Holy Quran


  • Dr.Jawad Kazem Jasim Al-Labbahi


Prophetic migrations, City of Ur, Prophet Abraham, Divine commands, Cosmic laws.


Migration of the Prophets (peace be upon them) in the Holy Quran holds significant and extensive importance in the movement of history, as they have directly and greatly influenced history throughout ages. Through their numerous migrations, they played a crucial and impactful role in the progression of human civilization. Migration, akin to social phenomena, can be for either good or ill. Individuals may migrate to achieve legitimate or illegitimate goals, immediate or temporal interests. Some may migrate with noble objectives, such as preserving religion or guiding people, a concept emphasized by multiple Quranic verses.


This research focuses on studying the migrations of the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) as a model. He migrated to the city of Ur with the aim of spreading his divine message. The study highlights the locations of his migrations and their role in disseminating the faith. Despite the limited available information about the migrations of the prophets and the scarcity of specialized historical studies, often relying on traditional narratives that may include elements of myths and Judaic narratives, this research seeks to employ reliable sources to comprehend these migrations and clarify historical truths.


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