Etiquette of Linguistic Behavior in Society and the Variables Controlling It: A Sociolinguistic Study


  • Dr. Afrah kadhem Yasser University of Thi Qar / College of Education for Humanities



Linguistic Behavior - Sociolinguistics - Politeness - Linguistic Variables.


Behavior is the first thing that members of the communicative process encounter in a linguistic situation. Through it, successful communication between interlocutors is achieved, allowing both parties to attain their goals without disturbing each other, using a common language. Since the primary function of language is to facilitate communication among members of society, this function stems from the social nature of language, which is created from the collective life of individuals. Consequently, it enables individuals to fulfill their needs and desires, as language is a system shared by all members of the linguistic community.

The research aims to demonstrate the impact of behavior on communication between the parties involved in the communicative process, the formation of relationships between speakers, and the overcoming of misunderstandings. Therefore, it reveals the etiquette of linguistic behavior organized within the linguistic community and its appropriateness for the communicative event. Additionally, it focuses on the phenomena of politeness, as it indicates behavior, and the principle of cooperation, which aims to establish etiquette for linguistic behavior among interlocutors in dialogic processes, and to show the impact of variables controlling linguistic behavior etiquette.


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